How To Create Income Avenues on Instagram

You’ve probably heard of Instagrammers who are making some bucks on the content they create and post up every day. You’ve also most probably looked at your account and thought “maybe that could be me”. In today’s world content creators have figured out how to create reach & influence — two things many companies struggle with.

With these two things, content creators have started creating income opportunities to attract the right brands and be used as influencers. Here are a few tips on how you can start achieving this and shaping your audience.


Have an attractive account, by this I basically mean have a catchy and memorable username, over your Instagram becoming more noticeable or influential people will start referring to it by your username. Use your name, a nickname, or your brand name, nothing too long and unnecessary, don’t use funny characters, an underscore I believe is the only tolerable character that’s still cool, use one to add character to your username if possible.


I think this is one thing people don’t take seriously, as stated earlier the attention span on social media is short, having a clean bio tells the person who has stumbled on your account what you’re about. Have a clean bio, don’t over decorate it with emojis (they’re cool if you know what you doing) create line breaks.. have each statement or title on its own line. If you have a website either for your personal brand or business, add it. Keep it clean short and straight to the point.


Filter the brands or people you want to work with. Follow them, learn from them and try to understand what they’re doing and how you can improve it. You can’t make money on social media if you can’t add value. You’re hired at a company because you add value in the position that you’re working in, you’ve started your own business because you saw potential to add value elsewhere, you need to be able to find problems and create solutions — you can only do this by learning, filtering the type of content you want to see and understanding the companies or brands you want to work for / work with / partner with.


Positioning yourself is key! You’ll have to decide what you want your Instagram account to communicate, identify what you truly love and create content out of that. If you love cars then show it, maybe not by posting images cars continuously but go and actually do test drives of different vehicles, create content out of it become a thought leader in the motor industry, review different cars, if your passion is food or coffee then go out and eat different foods, create content out of it, tell us the top 5 spots to have coffee in Joburg or in the world. One thing I can tell you about brands is they’re always looking for content. If you can position yourself well you’ll start attracting the right eyes.

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